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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Remodel.... day 30 of a weekend project

OK, so this is only funny if you can read it and the voice in your head sounds like Jacques Cousteau. If you don't know who he is, just stop now because you won't get it.... or google him and learn a little something about the best TV nature spokesman ever...... oh, and shame on your parents!

As we glide across the cool, smooth, gray cement of the basement floor in the "Calypso," we discover the never before seen world of the American mid-40's Male doing a remodeling project. Watch as the tall one exerts his dominance over the others in the tribe by wielding the power tool. The others move around in a kind of dance, watching, waiting for their turn to use the cordless drill. Alas, their turn will never come. They sweep sawdust from the floor, hand the alpha male more drywall screws, and then dip back again, staying out of his way. It is beautiful to behold and we are privileged to be the first to get this on film.

Wait... what is that short, stocky male doing? He seems to be working his way back to the leader, stalking his every movement. The tall one sets down the drill and reaches for something in a box in his pocket. Oh, it appears to be a cigarette. As the leader leans into his zippo to light the cigarette, the stocky one makes a quick grab for the drill. Success! Ah, but you can see it will be short lived. With a mighty roar, the leader once again must show his ownership of the drill. He grabs for it, but the stocky one will not release it... a tug-o-war ensues with the others in the pack backing up to stay out of harms way. Victoriously, the tall one regains his status and goes back to his work.

The divers on board the "Calypso" want to enter this mysterious world, mingle with these males but I am afraid. They seem completely unconcerned by our presence. And more disturbing, they seem unconcerned about the dust covering the wine rack - 183 bottles of the best vineyards of France. SACRE BLEU! It is a sad state to see how this pack takes care of it's environment. How they fight over what seems meaningless to us, the observer. But perhaps they just need further study. For now, it makes my heart weary and it makes me fear for the future of this species.

"No sooner does man discover intelligence than he tries to involve it in his own stupidity." J. C.

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