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Friday, June 24, 2011

How my laziness affected the NBA draft...

That's right - I'm lazy. I'll own it. I let others do the research: on the best players in the NBA draft, on what teams needed, on what players were best suited to fill those needs. I didn't watch film and check out the players and form my own opinions. Guilty as charged. And I paid for it.

In my defense, I'm a football girl. I live and breathe football from August until February. I watch every college and NFL game I can find, sometimes DVR-ing them so I can watch them again during the week. When the NFL Draft comes along (my idea of Holy Week), I watch the selections and know who the players are. I may occasionally ask "WHY?" when a player is taken, but I never have to ask "WHO?". I understand the rules of the draft, the trades that go on, etc. I'm a football girl.

The first basketball draft I ever watched was in 2003. I watched the Cavaliers select LeBron James. And then I went to bed. One and done. That's me. Didn't watch another one until last night.

Kyrie Irving was the #1 pick by the Cavaliers. No brainer. Even someone as lazy as I am could see that behind the smoke and mirrors and entertaining chatter, there was no one else for them to take. My problem is, I bought into they hype that this draft wasn't about the #1 pick - it was about the PACKAGE - putting together a duo at #1 and #4 that would be the building blocks for the Cavs future.

I listened to the radio and read the blogs, news articles, tweets, with all of the different possible combinations and made the mistake of thinking that was all I needed to do. That I was now an NBA Draft expert and that I knew what was best for the Cavs. Yeah, right, uh huh. So when they took Tristan Thompson at #4 I felt outraged and betrayed. And foolish.

Here's the deal - there are people working for NBA teams making these decisions that have information I will never have or that I am too lazy to find. These people make big money and spend day-in and day-out looking at these players and they know what they are doing. Why on earth do I think I have a clue? Because I'm a fan and because I truly do love all aspects of sports and because I want to be the smartest kid in the class.

Well my reality check came last night and I am cashing it in. From now on I will stick to my "Fan" status and take off my "GM" hat. I will continue to comment on players on field/court actions. I will celebrate "our" victories and lament "our" defeats. And I will continue to love all things Cleveland Sports related.

But I hereby promise to no longer think that I know what's best for these teams.
At least until next year's draft. ;)

Respectfully Submitted,



  1. IDK, K8... We've yet to see if TT was the right pic. I like him. Hope he REALLY IS a scorer THAT ACTUALLY MAKES HIS SHOTS! LoL! We'll see.

    I'm not gonna grade this Draft. Arrogant as I am I usually do but will take a hint from this point and leave off. I think this one is really too important to the Cavs' chances of staying solvent and in Cleveland to treat it too cavalierly... :)

  2. I meant that I'm taking my cue from your post and not Grading this draft. das ist alles :)