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Saturday, September 17, 2011

CFB Picks - By Mascot - Week 3

EDITOR'S NOTE: Final record 3-3. I guess the Mascot Theory doesn't work. Perhaps next week I'll do it by uniform color..... :)

As we get close to kick off for the Week 3 NCAA College Football games, I was scanning my twitter timeline and saw a tweet that actually made me spit coffee on my screen...

Don't know anything about Michigan St.

their mascot wears a skirt

Yep, "Sparty" wears a skirt. Does that fact alone doom Michigan State to lose to Notre Dame? The ND mascot, after all, is a drunken leprechaun.... Which gave me the idea to pick six games this week based solely on mascot. I'm just trying to have a bit of fun so just sit back, enjoy, and don't get offended.

1. Michigan State (15) vs Notre Dame: Guy in a skirt vs leprechaun. I think Mich loses their first game of the year today so yeah, I'm taking ND.

2. West Virginia (18) vs Maryland: Mountaineers literally eat turtles for lunch. Turtle soup. I've had some, it ain't bad. Gotta take WV on this one.

3. Eastern Michigan vs Michigan: Eagles and Wolverines. Aside from being my favorite X-men character, Wolverines are nasty little buggers. Gotta take UM. Sigh.

4. Pittsburgh vs Iowa: Panthers and Hawkeyes, hmmmm.... If it was the whole hawk I'd be like sure they'll win, but just the eyes? Ew. Or is it like "Hawkeye" Pierce from M*A*S*H? Great doc but had a bit of a drinking problem. Either way does not bode well for Iowa. Taking Pittsburgh on this one.

5. Oklahoma (1) vs Florida State (5): Sooners taking on Seminoles. Wow - this is straight out of American History Books. Rugged old west families trying to make a new life by crushing the spirit of a proud Native American race? I think it's payback time for the tribe. I'm taking the Seminoles.

6. OSU Buckeyes (17) vs University of Miami Hurricanes: Yes, hurricanes are mighty meteorological events, but Buckeye trees thrive because they bend and don't break. Taking the Buckeyes in this one. (Big shocker, I know)

And that's it for me. Good Luck Notre Dame, Florida State, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Michigan and THE Ohio State University. If you lose today, at least you can console yourselves with the fact that your mascots are bad-ass. HA.

Hope you enjoy the games, regardless of who wins!

Respectfully Submitted,


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