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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"The Tappies" - NCSpeakEZ needs your votes!

After all the frenzy and excitement over the Oscars this week in Hollywood - NOT - my NCSpeakEZ barmates and I thought that Northeast Ohio should have it's own awards....

I present, for your consideration, the categories for "The 2012 Tappies!"   (Speak Easy - beer - on "tap" - get it?)

Please email me your votes at katerhar@yahoo.com by 5pm on Wednesday.
Votes will then be tabulated by the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe and announced LIVE on the NCSpeakEZ Show airing on NoStaticRadio and sponsored by City Tap Cleveland - Wednesday 02/27 between 7pm and 9pm.  You won't want to miss it!

And as they say in Chicago:  VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!

Best producer
1 Dan Gilbert
2 JH3
3 The Dolans

Best script
1 Tribe
2 Cavs
3 Browns

Best director
1 Francona
2 Chud
3 Scott

Best Special effects
1 The Q
2 The Jake
3 Cleveland Browns Stadium

Best Actor in a Head Coaching / General Manager position
1. Shurmur
2. Acta
3. Scott

Best Set Design
1. The Q
2. The Jake
3. Browns Stadium

Best Costume
1. Indians
2. Cavs
3. Browns

Leading Actress in a Rah-rah Role
1. That Mr Hero chick for the Cavs
2. That Katie chick for the Tribe
3. Browns Cheerleaders (equals "none of the above")

Most Impactful Injury
1. Varejao
2. Joe Haden
3. Travis Halfyear

Best Hairstyling
1. Varejao
2. Josh Cribbs
3. Chris Perez

Best English Speaker for a Foreigner
1. Varejao
2. Roberto Fausto Carmona Blah blah Hernandez
3. Shin Soo Choo
Best Theme Song - this category is your chance to shine:  tell us what their theme songs should be!
(and try not to be too harsh!)
1. Browns
2. Indians
3. Cavaliers

Respectfully Submitted:
Cleveland Kate

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