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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cheat Sheets: #4 OSU vs Purdue

Welcome to the fifth edition of The OSU Cheat Sheet - a look at the upcoming opponent, what they bring to the field, what players could give OSU trouble. This way, you'll know what names to watch for on Saturday and what parts of the game could cause the Buckeyes some problems.  

Hope this helps your enjoyment of another OSU victory.  O-H!

Purdue Boilermakers (1-6)

Ok so really, their only win was against Indiana State, 20-14. The rest of the season has been pretty pitiful by B1G standards. They managed to put up 24 points vs Notre Dame and two weeks ago, while going scoreless, held Michigan State to only 14 points. The Buckeyes are their own worst enemy this week.  If they can take care of the football, they'll win easily. 


RB Akeem Hunt, #1, Junior, has been the biggest weapon this season. He has 80 carries 310 yards, averaging around 42 yds per game. As a receiver, he's got 24 catches for 240 yards and 2 TDs. 


They're giving up nearly 200 yds per game on the ground and another 200 in the air. 

Yes, Purdue is a young team and maybe they all had dreams last night of taking down the Big Kid on the B1G block. But it's never gonna happen. And just the thought of how ugly this game could be makes me wonder if I'll even be able to watch it.

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Cleveland Kate

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