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Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Electric Blanket Saved My Marriage!

OK, so, yeah, my husband got me an electric blanket for Christmas. And I must say, upon opening it, I thought it was a kind of lame gift. Why can't I have perfume and clothes that don't fit and jewelery and kitchen gadgets like all the other wives??????? But upon reflection - and two weeks of slumbery bliss - I do believe it is the best gift EVER and may be solely responsible for my next 20 years of marriage.

I don't know about you people, but my husband and I have VERY different internal thermostats. I am always cold. He is always hot. I sleep with two or three blankets on me and he opens the window on his side of the bed. It's maddening!

Now, however, I sing a different tune. This amazing blanket has DUAL CONTROLS! That's right... magical little power cords run up each side of the bed, tucked happily between box spring and matress, from the foot to the head where the control buttons are attached. My side is set to 15. His side is set to 2. We are happy. I have had many a battery or electrically controlled device in my bedroom over the years and BY FAR this one gives me the most pleasure! (Is that Too-Much-Information? I'm just saying......)

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Just felt like sharing..... and maybe helping another couple suffering from Bi-Thermal Marital Disorder.

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