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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Under Construction

So, I've recently learned about the wacky world of Blogging.

And while I always thought bloggers were just people with way too much free time, I've come to realize that this can be a sort of therapy... a way to express yourself that you don't find in everyday life. It feels like a safe way to vent. I don't have to fear the rejection that we sometimes get in the real world when people don't want to hear what we have to say, don't really care, or just plain don't realize how badly we need to say certain things. Most people don't mean to hurt us, it just happens. But this seems like a safer kind of thing.

My writings so far in life tend to be more conversational in nature, like I'm just talking to myself (prolly 'cause I mostly have myself to talk to). I tend to be a stickler on things like spelling and punctuation, but sentence structure may go out the window. Who knows. This whole new world I'm entering is still under construction.....

Respectfully Submitted,

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