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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Browns vs Vikings - wrap up

Browns 31     Vikings 27

It’s a beautiful Victory Monday here in Cleveland… the alarm clock wasn’t quite as irritating at 0600, my coffee tastes yummier, the traffic was not so bad… it’s all relative in a town where wins have been few but fans still find reasons to believe. And today, fans will continue celebrating the first win of the season by the Browns. After an incredibly crazy week of roster activity, we desperately needed a win to boost both team and fan morale.

With the injury to Brandon Weeden’s thumb near the end of the Ravens game last week, Wednesday morning bought the announcement that 3rd string QB Hoyer would get the start. Huh? What happened to Jason Campbell?  But before the fans got too worked up about that, the trade of RB Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts was announced and we all forgot about who should be starting at QB.

I did not take the news of the trade very well (understatement of the year).  I vented my frustration in a very public way on Wednesday night and it wasn’t very nice or classy.  I’m not proud of my failure to control my emotions when I heard the news, but I’m passionate about my team and I can’t apologize for that.  I’ve had time to calm down, I’ve received a lot of “hugs” from friends on Twitter and here at NFLFemale.com, and oh yeah, we WON yesterday!  Winning really does make things a little better!

Check out this link to www.nflfemale.com for the rest of my article:  Kate’s 5 Takes

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