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Friday, October 18, 2013

Cheat Sheets: #4 OSU at Iowa

Today marks the third Cheat Sheet in the series - a look at the upcoming opponent, what they bring to the field, what players could give OSU trouble. This way, you'll know what names to watch for on Saturday and what parts of the game could cause the Buckeyes some problems.  

Hope this helps your enjoyment of another OSU victory.  O-H!

Iowa Hawkeyes (4-2)

After losing the season opener to Northern Illinois 30-27, the Hawkeyes went on a four game winning steak only to lose in week six to Michigan State, 26-14. They also had a Bye last week to prepare for the trip to Columbus to face the Buckeyes, game starting around 3:36 pm EST. While the Buckeyes should be up for this challenge, the defense better pay attention. Iowa has scored between 23 and 59 points in their victories this year so their offense has some power.

Some folks are calling this a "Trap Game." No way. Head Coach Urban Meyer and the rest of the staff know exactly what they are in for this week. They've had extra time to prepare, just like Iowa, and I don't believe for a second they are looking past the Hawkeyes or treating this game like an easy win. There are NO easy victories in football. They all come with a price. Let's hope the Buckeyes paid the price during the last two weeks of practice.

Their Offense:
They've put up 28, 27, 59 and 23 points in wins this season, largely in the air. 

#15 QB Jake Rudock, Sophmore, is a passing threat. He's got 1,200+ yards this season, a 60% completion record, with 8 TDs / 6 INTs. Two of those INT's came in their last game, a loss to Michigan State. He's also got 5 rushing TDs so he's not afraid to scramble out of the pocket, run the ball and take the game into his own hands.

#11 WR Kevonte Martin-Manley, Junior, has seen the most targets this season with 26 receptions for 225 yards. 

#22 WR Damond Powell, Junior, only has 6 targets but he's cranked up 225 yards, with a long of 74. He's the deep threat to watch out for.

#86 Fiedorowicz and #17 Hillyer don't have many yards but have been hit for two TDs each.

#45 RB Mark Weisman, Junior, has 126 carrier for 624 yards and three TDs. While not flashy, he's plowing his was to a five yards-per-carry average and he gets enough done to setup play action.

They've got six other players who average four yards or better per carry. That indicates an offensive line that knows how to block and protect. 

Their Defense:
They've got 9 interceptions... NINE.... with two getting taken back for TDs. This is the big threat to OSU. With shaky play recently from QB Braxton Miller, turnovers are Iowa's best shot at winning this game. Now, they've only got one sack this year. That tells me they won't be putting pressure on Brax, but when you've got four different guys with INTs, well, they'll just sit back and wait for their chance to get the ball.  Names to watch: #19 Lowery DB, #44 Morris LB, #5 Miller DB and #20 Kirksey LB. I'm hoping we don't hear those names on Saturday because if we do, we got troubles.

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Cleveland Kate

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