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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fantasy Studs 'N Duds - Week 6

Each Tuesday (yeah, I'm a day late this week. Sorry), I will give you any injury news I can find that may affect your FFL team. And I'll tell you who I think are the Studs 'N Duds. Two things to remember:  positions are QB RB WR & TE. I'm not bothering with Kickers or Defenses. Deal with it. As for the math, using a basic FFL scoring system that includes PPR, I'll tell you who really over shot their projected points and who really blew it. These are not necessarily the "hot" names in the NFL, but they are guys who the experts didn't expect to play this way and it could be a trend worth watching for both owners and waiver wire pickups.

Injuries: Brace yourself – it’s going to get UGLY!
WR Green Bay Randall Cobb & James Jones – both left game on Sunday and it doesn’t look good for Aaron’s receiving corps.

RB Demarcus Ware DAL - quad... hasn't missed a game since 2005 but I'm thinking he misses this week.
WR Stevie Johnson BUF – still hurt, they keep projecting him as a “game time decision” but clearly he’s not ready

WR Calvin Johnson DET – played, but not 100%. Heck, maybe not even 50%.

WR Danny Amandola & TE Rob Gronkowski NE – Danny is hurt again and, well, listen, I don’t know what is going on between Gronk and The Hoodie, but I wouldn’t start him in FFL until I actually see him get into a game.

WR Mike Williams TB and WR Jerricho Cotchery PIT – if you have either of these guys, I just have one question… WHY???


+25 Vernon Davis, TE SF – Welcome back to the NFL, V-Man! 8 catches on 11 targets for 180 yards and 2 TDs!  NICE!

+16 Riley Cooper, WR PHI – Riley becoming a favorite target of QB Nick Foles with 4 receptions for 120 yards and a TD.

 +15 Vincent Jackson, WR TB  - yes, even without Josh Freeman, The Bucs are finding ways to move the football. QB Mike Glennon and VJacks hooked up 9 times for 114 yards and 2 tds!

Other notable improvements: These guys have been underperforming this season but seem to be back on track now:
  • Brandon Jacobs, RB NYG +15
  • Stevan Ridley, RB NE +15
  • Knowshon Moreno, RB DEN +14
  • Marshawn Lynch, RB SEA+14
  • Justin Blackmon, WR JAC +12
  • Brandon LaFell, WR CAR +12


-12 Torrey Smith, WR BALT – yes I dislike the Ravens but that doesn’t influence the fact that Joe Flacco can’t seem to find Torrey Smith anywhere.
-10 Dez Bryant, WR, and -8 Jason Wittern, TE  DAL – overall a bad week for Dallas players.
-9 Trent Richardson, RB IND – Fantasy Owners need to give up on Trent. The thought that he just might have a break out week has been going on for six weeks now and no sign of anything… Sigh.
-9 Ray Rice, RB BALT – their offense has issues and Ray hasn’t been right since the injury. Just saying.
-8 Victory Cruz, WR NYG – he’s dead to me. I’m done. Enough is enough already. You can hold on to him if you want but I give up.
-7 Alshon Jeffery, WR CHI – ok so maybe his projected value was over-estimated based on his awesome week 5 performance… hold on to him but be cautious once the bye-weeks are over.
-7 Antonio Gates, TE SD – they are still finding their rhythm so be patient. Antonio will get his eventually. 

That’s it for me this week.... feel free to send me questions via twitter @ClvlndK8!
Respectfully Submitted,
Cleveland Kate

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