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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fantasy Studs 'N Duds - Week 5

Each Tuesday, I will give you any injury news I can find that may affect your FFL team. And I'll tell you who I think are the Studs 'N Duds. Two things to remember:  positions are QB RB WR & TE. I'm not bothering with Kickers or Defenses. Deal with it. As for the math, using a basic FFL scoring system that includes PPR, I'll tell you who really over shot their projected points and who really blew it. These are not necessarily the "hot" names in the NFL, but they are guys who the experts didn't expect to play this way and it could be a trend worth watching for both owners and waiver wire pickups.

October 3-7, 2013

1.     QB Brian Hoyer, CLE – out for season. Killing me, Smalls.
2.     QB EJ Manuel, BUF – knee, out 4-8 weeks
3.     QB Michael Vick, PHI – hamstring, 1-2 weeks
4.     RB Ryan Mathews, SD – concussion, should be ok but watch
5.     WR Julio Jones, ATL – injured foot on MNF, could be out for year, still waiting on details, but it doesn’t look good.

  • +24 Alshon Jeffery, WR Chicago – great game for this guys who’s been very quiet this season. Might be worth the chance he can do it again while we are getting through the Bye Weeks.
  •  +22 Tony Romo, QB Dallas – even Peyton Manning couldn’t eclipse a great performance from the Romo-Coaster.
  • +20 TY Hilton, WR Indianapolis – the rookie is finally living up to projected value this season.
  • +18 Julius Thomas, TE Denver – don’t know why he was only projected around 9 points. When he and Peyton get together it’s magical!
  • +17 Terrance Williams, WR Dallas – yeah, I picked him up this week. Needed a bye week sub and thought maybe, just maybe, TW and Romo would hit big.
  • +13 Justin Blackmon, WR Jax – even with a bad season underway, Blackmon is finding a way to get into the action. Now that he’s clicking, I’d keep playing him.
  • Other notable improvements:
    • Rueben Randle, WR NYG +16
    • Keenan Allen, WR SD +14
    • Jeff Cumberland, TE NYJ +14

  • -13 Tom Brady, QB NE – yes, I put the Great One on my list. He stunk up the field this week.  I know he’s missing some key guys (Amandola / Gronkowski) but I expect better from Tom.  While you “Never Bench Brady,” if he has another No TD week, I’m benching him!
  • -12 Matt Schaub, QB Hou – drop him. Fast. Now. #JustSaying
  • -10 Marques Colston, WR NO – Brees is fining everybody on the field except Marques. Either they are having personal issues or Brees just has too many targets to choose from.  Whatever the reason, Brees is a good play, his receivers are not… too much being shared and no one standing out and grabbing it all… well except maybe Pierre Thomas…
  • -10 Lamar Miller, RB Miami – Dolphins had a rough week and couldn't get anything going in the run game. I’d hold off on playing Miller again – unless you don’t have another option – until their schedule lightens up a bit.

That’s it for me this week.... feel free to send me questions via twitter @ClvlndK8!

Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate

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