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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fantasy Studs 'N Duds - Week 7

Each week I will give you any injury news I can find that may affect your FFL team. And I'll tell you who I think the Studs 'N Duds were. Two things to remember:  positions are QB RB WR & TE. I'm not bothering with Kickers or Defenses. Deal with it. As for the math, using a basic FFL scoring system that includes PPR, I'll tell you who really over shot their projected points and who really blew it. These are not necessarily the "hot" names in the NFL, but they are guys who the experts didn't expect to play this way and it could be a trend worth watching for both owners and waiver wire pickups.

Injuries:Where do I start?  It seems that every week guys are getting knocked out for the season. The QB situation across the league hasn't been pretty and WRs are also beginning to feel the pain.

QB Jay Cutler CHI: strained adductor magnus muscle (torn groin), 4 weeks min.
QB Sam Bradford STL: sprained knee (ACL), done for the year
RB Doug Martin TB: torn labrum (shoulder), 2-4 weeks (yeah, right)
RB Arian Foster HOU: strained hamstring, two weeks
RB DeMarco Murray DAL: Sprained knee (MCL), 2 weeks
WR Reggie Wayne IND: sprained knee (ACL), done for the year
TE Jermichael Finley GB: Spinal Contusion, unknown....

Bright side:  Calvin Johnson, Rob Gronkowski, CJ Spillar, Nick Foles, Percy Harvin are all either back or should be back this upcoming week.

Studs - (sadly, the Browns continue to turn average receivers into studs... sigh...)
TE Jordan Reed, Washington
+18 Roy Helu Jr., RB WAS: Where you been this season son?  Welcome back!
+18 Calvin Johnson, WR DET:  Injury. Officially. Healed.
+17 Vincent Jackson, WR TB: Proof that even crappy teams can have good FFL players
+16 Jordan Reed TE WAS: Um, who?  Exactly. Rookie TE out of Florida, he's been avg at best this season but saw 9 receptions for 134 yards and a TD this week. Might just become RG3's new favorite target.... 
+15 Harry Douglas, WR ATL: another guy who looks like a stud but really faced a crappy defense. Although, if he continues to play well, he might actually be worth the pickup.
+10 Jarrett Boykin, WR GB: so yeah, like I said, first DET Fauria and now Boykin. Perhaps you should look for the least familiar WR in KC this week and grab him... Cleveland is coming to town.  Oy.

Other notable Over-Achievers:Jeremy Kerley WR NYJ, Brandon Gibson WR MIA, and Mike Brown WR Jax.

Duds - Sigh (I have three of these guys on my team)
-14 DeSean Jackson WR PHI: I got nothing.
-13 Adrian Peterson RB MIN: Dude... you are making FFL owners crazy! 
-11 Josh Gordon WR CLE: Bad QB, we'll see if Jason Campbell can find Flash this week
-10 Bilal Powell RB NYJ: Close game with NE means no rushing... he'll bounce back
-09 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI: Week after week he's just not right. I'm dropping him.
-09 Tony Gonzalez TE ATL: Rumors of possible retirement and trade back to Chiefs killed whatever production Grampa Gonzo was getting. Hope he turns it around. Soon.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cleveland Kate

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