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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 7 Training Camp Diaries - Cleveland Browns

Dear Diary,

I managed to get out of work early today and got to Browns Training Camp just as it was getting started. I watched quite a few of the drills instead of the game-scenario plays. I wanted to be able to focus on the progress at a couple specific positions. The Tight Ends were getting some work in on their blocking. And the Offensive Line did work at 3-vs-3's and 1-on-1's. They're starting to form some chemistry in a couple different combinations, which bodes well for QB Brandon Weeden.

But first things first... Today's Injury report.  (nothing major, just a few nagging issues that shouldn't stop anyone from being ready for Week 1)

Hamstring: RB Montario Hardesty, DB Trevin Wade, DB TJ Ward
Shoulder: DB Tashaun Gipson
Unknown: WR David Nelson stopped mid-practice with some knee soreness, same knee as ACL
Patella Tendonitis: WR Josh Gordon was back at it today and took a few reps

Drills:  Tight Ends

#84 Jordan Cameron is largely believed to be the Week 1 starter. However, his blocking skills are a bit rusty. #81 Kellen Davis and #82 Gary Barnidge were more than happy to show him how it's done.
In this drill, the point is to come across the line low and power up into the defender, lifting him off his feet and keeping him away from the ball.  Davis and Barnidge had no trouble charging in one smooth movement. Cameron would hit and then lift. Coach got on him about it and he was hitting it right by the end of the drill.

As for O-line workouts, #77 John Greco took reps at Center with the 2's today and we got to see #62 Jason Pinkston at left guard with the 1's. For 3-on-3's, basically the defenders step up to the lineman and they step back to form the left or right side of the pocket. There were a few different combinations but the one that seemed to gel quick was 73-55-62. (Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Jason Pinkston). Their movement back was fluid, their feet planted they were able to keep the defenders in front of them and form a nice, safe spot for the QB.

1-on-1's brought the most "excitement" of the day. Guys would line up and basically have a shoving match. The goal for the OL is to keep the guy squarely in front of him, no holding. The defender tries to get around him, either side. Training Camp, and full pads, brings out the "animal" in guys who are fighting for a starting job - or just a place on the team. Near the end of the drills, Brian Sanford hit Garrett Gilkey hard enough to pop his helmet off!  The two ended up scuffling on the ground with Sanford on top, until teammates finally broke it up. Nothing wrong with showing some emotion at camp, no harm - no foul. Oh, and yes, that's Gilkey's helmet on the ground in this picture.  :)

As for offense, I couldn't see which QB's were throwing today but some more great catches were made by #15 Davone Bess, #80 Travis Benjamin and #10 Jordan Norwood. There's usually a second team guy covering Norwood. I'd really like to see how he does against Joe Haden, but maybe tomorrow.  Tons of passes to the TE's today as well, Cameron - Davis - Barnidge catching their share. Throw in some nice runs by Trent Richardson and Dion Lewis and we're starting to see what the mix is going to look like in Norv Turner's offense.

Camp was overflowing with national media today. Roger Goodell stopped by on his way to Canton for the Hall of Fame festivities this weekend. Peter King and Pam Oliver were just a few of the familiar faces at camp. While I like the attention this team is getting right now, I have to say it's hard to see with all these media types just standing around and blocking my view from the bleachers. Or maybe I'm just a tad bit jealous that they get to go "behind the ropes" while I snap pics and take notes with the other fans. Then again, I am really just a fan myself so I guess I'm better off sitting with my peeps. :)

Respectfully Submitted,
Cleveland Kate

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