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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pics from Browns Training Camp - Day 10

Last Training Camp Day that is open to the public before the Pre-Season starts. Browns play the St Louis Rams on Thursday, August 8th. GO BROWNS!

Lots of "bubble guys" fighting for jobs today, both WRs and DBs. I watched, was happy with some and very unhappy with others. But what do I know... check out the pics for yourself.

Brian Hoyer taking reps

Travis Benjamin waits on a pass from Hoyer. No defenders in sight. Hmmmm.

Nice leaping grab from #85 Naaman Roosevelt. Tons of separation from defenders.

Roosevelt sets up to catch a Brandon Weeden pass on the run.

#86 Mike Edwards waits for the pass to arrive. 

#88 Josh Cooper finally gets one

#40 Abdul Kanneh lines up across from #12 Josh Gordon

#40 Kanneh and #85 Roosevelt - a recurring theme as they tangled quite a few times today. Naaman caught this one.

Not this time.  Kanneh keeping his eyes on Roosevelt's, anticipating the move, blocks the pass. Now, I'd like to see him looking at the ball and going to the INT, but at this point in camp, I'll take the broken-up play.

Kanneh giving #89 Dominique Crooms more than he can handle in coverage.

QB forced to throw shallow pass to another receiver as Kanneh had Crooms covered on the deep route.

Kanneh keeps #09 Tori Gurley occupied while #42 Tommy Smith puts eyes on the ball, looking for the INT.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cleveland Kate

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