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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pics from Browns Training Camp - Day 16

It is with some sadness that I post these pics from the last day of "open to the public" Training Camp for my Cleveland Browns.  Yes, it means we are that much closer to Real Football, but I've really enjoyed going out to camp this year. I can't remember the last season where the Fans, Players, Coaches, Media, well just EVERYONE seemed to have a positive outlook on what was happening.... I can only hope the season lives up to our expectations, but the overwhelmingly positive vibes were awesome!  Let's go kick some butt now, BROWNS!

QB practice... "Synchronized Snapping"

The Dreaded "Bike Brigade"

Tight Ends working on their blocking techniques

Um, Brandon is it? I think you missed the ball...

O'Line Drills

Inside the Training Facility - even in the office spaces - there is a different vibe from prior years. Everything is open, well lit, freshly painted, and while that may not translate to wins on the field, I'm a firm believer that positivity is infectious! Why not start with the office people who handle the background stuff that we never worry about!

All done... time to play just a little and sign some autographs.  Players were great about greeting fans, were having fun talking to the kids, overall left everyone with a great impression of this years TC.  Thanks guys!

#65 Garrett Gilkey

 #64 Martin Wallace

 #71 Ahtyba Rubin


And after the fans head home, after the players / coaches head into the facility, the grounds crew is back at it. Because although they are done for today, there is still more work to do before the season starts!

Respectfully Submitted,
(See you next year!)

Cleveland Kate

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