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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kate's Fantasy Preview - 6th round draft picks

Finally! The round you've been waiting for!  Time to grab a Defense or Kicker!  Yeah, sounds silly I know but you'd be surprised how many people are panicking about those two positions. And really, these positions are not huge points generators. There are a few at the top and then a serious drop to the next level. In fact, after this round, most teams won't even worry about picking up these positions until round 10 or later.  If you absolutely MUST get a D/ST or K now, here's a list of acceptable choices. 

(Before I get into the players, keep in mind a couple things. First, I base these on a 12-team league. For scoring, assume RBs are the best option, 1 point for 10-yards either running, passing, or catching, and PPR. I also assume it's not a Keeper league. If you throw keepers into the mix, it can hose up selection order. Finally, I don't pay much attention to Bye Weeks. Yeah, you may have your top 2 or 3 players out the same week, but that is why you work the waiver wire. Also, I'd rather rack up a ton of points in the other 14 weeks than take a lesser player to score evenly all season long.)

Round Six - Remember that Def includes Special Teams in nearly every league out there (hence the D/ST designation on your roster). That is a key factor in my options for you at D/ST. 


Blair Walsh MIN - Led the league in kicker points last year and I expect him to do the same this year. 35 FGs (10 from 50+ folks) and 36 PATs

Stephen Gostkowski NE - He had 29 FGs last year with 66 PATs, easily hit those numbers again this year.

Matt Bryant ATL - He had 33 FGs last year and 44 PATs. Not much for the long ones, but you can count on him week after week to back up Matty Ice's offense.

Phil Dawson SF - The move to SF only means bigger and better numbers for my favorite kicker of all time. No wind and snow?  Thank you very much. Dawson is money. Last year, on a sad Browns offense, he had 29 FGs and 37 PATs. 

Defense/Special Teams

Seattle Seahawks - Second last year in the points category, they'll easily move up to being the top defense this year.

San Francisco 49ers -  If the playoffs taught them anything, it's the value of kick returns and special teams in general. 6th best last year, jumps up to #2 this year.

Chicago Bears - Da Bearz. What can I say? Their offense seems to get worse every year and the defense is carrying the load. And they do it well.  Last years highest scoring D will drop a bit this year, but will sit solidly in third place.

Houston Texans - Most improved D this off-season?  Texans. Barely made the top 10 last year, should be great this year. And have you seen their schedule? Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, Jags. Yeah, they'll do well this season.

So those are some great options to fill out D/ST and K spots for the upcoming year. It is also the end of my draft preview.  If you have specific questions about a player, hit me up here with a comment or on twitter @ClvlndK8. Otherwise, go digging around the internet and see what else is out there. I'm not the only one crazy enough to stick my neck out making while predictions. I"m just usually right.  It's a Chick Thing.

Take Care. Good Luck. And if you are drafting before August 19th, you are just plain crazy!

Respectfully Submitted,
Cleveland Kate

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